Three Things You Should Think About Before You Purchase an Electric Skateboard


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For over forty years, skateboarding has been a part of the American way of being. Whether it be carving up the skate park or simply going from A to B, skateboarding in America is as true a thing now as it has ever been. Many would argue, even better.

What we have been seeing for the last several years are advances in the electric powered skateboards and electric powered longboards. The best electric longboard can get you to work and back and can do it in style. Whether you are a casual skater who skates only up to about 25 times per year or the core skater who skates 26 or more times a year, you can find a board that is exactly right for you.

Before you go out and try to purchase a board, though, it would behoove you to consider just a couple of things before you invest your money. Here are three important things to think on before pulling the trigger on an electric model.

1.) Range and weight

When you are considering the purchase of the best electric longboard or simply the best electric board for you, think about what it will mean in terms of range and weight. What are you going to be using the board for? Fun? Commuting? Is the board you are purchasing built to handle the mileage you will be putting on it?

Then, regarding the weight, if you were to run out of juice, could you pick it up and carry it home with you?

2.) Parts and support

When you shop for a big purchase like the best electric longboard, you want to make sure you are not on your own as soon as the purchase goes through. Do you have a warranty? How is their customer service? Parts and support are a big deal when making a big purchase like this.

3.) Price

This must seem like a no-brainer but there is a difference between considering the price finding out which one is cheaper. If you are looking for the best electric longboard, you have to ask yourself what you are actually getting for the money. Comparing apples to apples from the outset is a good way to remind yourself that cheaper isn’t always better. The quality, off the shelf boards, will not have the better parts nor will they have any kind of serious customer service.

When you research, read the reviews other customers have posted about the performance, the support, and the quality of the board you are looking at buying. Purchasing your first electric skateboard might seem like it is a really big deal and that’s because it really is one.

Take the time to consider what you want in a board and what you need in a board.

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