What Makes A Motorized Skateboard Better Than A Standard Skateboard?


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Thinking of picking up a fun new hobby? How about something to just get you from point A to point B? Whatever your personal reason for looking into new sports, you’ll want to check out all the positives of picking up a motorized off road skateboard. A battery powered skateboard has its perks as well as its different shapes and sizes, ideal for anybody who loves the day’s breeze on their face while moving around in style. If you’re concerned about safety or aren’t sure why you shouldn’t just get a classic model, check out the quick list below.

How Many People Skateboard?

Skateboard culture has enjoyed serious success over the past few decades. While it’s often considered a relic of the 90’s, the modern day sees millions of people actively participating in casual skateboarding, extreme skateboarding and recreational skateboarding on a regular basis. A study conducted a decade ago saw over nine million people owning skateboards. For comparison — that’s larger than the entirety of Iceland!

Why Do People Skateboard?

Skateboarding is an incredibly fun sport, hobby and way of moving about. People skate for a variety of different reasons and multiple demographics actively enjoy skateboarding in their own way, whether it’s a motorized off road skateboard or motor longboard. For those that want to forgo a bike and opt for something smaller, a motorized off road skateboard can prove a useful option. For those that want to go professional? You’ll want to look into the best electric longboard.

How Do I Skateboard Safely?

Just like any sport, it’s essential to look into safety tips to make sure you’re enjoying yourself and not putting yourself in danger! Tip number one is to always wear a helmet. Doesn’t matter if you’re just going down the block — the human head is one of the most fragile parts of the body and you could get seriously hurt if you slip! Knee and elbow pads are important additions, as well, and it’s also recommended you buy shoes with a powerful grip.

Why A Motorized Skateboard Over A Regular One?

Some find the idea of a motorized off road skateboard a little confusing. After all, isn’t part of the appeal getting some exercise and propelling it yourself? For those that also use the skateboard for active travel, however, motorized longboards can provide some relief from constantly pushing, turning and stopping. An electric skateboard can also boost your speed, which is perfect for those looking to get competitive and branch out into different fields. The sky’s the limit!

Which Skateboard Is Best For Me?

You want to skateboard? It’s time to look at models. A motorized off road skateboard is a hardy model that can handle a variety of different environments, though it’s certainly not the only one available to you. You can also seek out an all terrain electric skateboard, a motor longboard or even seek out a more cheap electric skateboard model to get your toes wet. Remember to supplement any purchase with safety equipment and proper footwear to make sure you’re enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Skateboarding is one of America’s most popular past-times — with electric skateboards reaching new heights, that won’t be going away any time soon.

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