3 Tips for Picking a Gift For Your CEO


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Whether it is your job to come up with the perfect unique gifts for retirement or you got unlucky during the companywide secret Santa, it can be very hard to come up with good ideas for CEO gifts.
After all, it isn?t like the CEO or other executives couldn?t simple go off and purchase most things for themselves. That means they most likely have any new tech item that could possibly appeal to them.

Give Them an Experience

Check with your CEO?s scheduler to see if there is any particular restaurant or theatrical venue they frequent. While simply giving a gift card might be ok for more casual CEO gifts occasions, you should really look for something more personal for a gift commemorating a special event, like CEO retirement gifts.
Call the theatre or the restaurant and inquire if there are any special services they offer, for instance a tasting menu with a custom wine pairing or a congratulations added into the curtain speech at the theatre.

Let Them Know They?ve Left a Mark

Another idea that can help you plan some truly unique retirement gifts would be something commemorative. Again, this would have to go beyond the customary and benal plaques that are occasionally given to corporate leaders.
Find a charity that is offering naming rights for a scholarship or a building and use your funds to let them know they have left a true and lasting mark in the world.

Share Your Gratitude with the Word

Whether commemorative or decorative, art can make a truly memorable gift. If you can find an artist willing to make a public, commemorative piece that will hand in the halls of your corporation will make a lasting show of your gratitude.
While it might be tempting to choose a simple portrait for your gift, you should explore other mediums that truly express all the wonderful ways your CEO has impacted the company how vital their leadership has been to it?s growth.
This is especially important if the CEO has been with the company for over 15 years, as it means they have weathered an entire average life for most business.
It can be hard coming up with good CEO gifts ideas. Hopefully our blog had helped you find some ideas to help you move forward.

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