Theater Review: Thrilling "1776" brings American history to life


Historic drummers
As the wind of election season has begun to blow, it is heartening to recall the glorious debates of our history.  This 1976 show is going to focus on the event of “drafting the declaration of United States”. This show is like recalling the history combined with suspense and tragedies.

It is going to be presented like a real show. When you watch it, you will feel that the all the moments of history are fresh and genuine. Besides, proposal of liberating slaves will be also presented. In the recent elections, we had noticed that we have not changed much from the history. It had been noticed in the last elections that red states and blue states were competing against each other.

This thrilling show coupled with creativity and originality is going to change your life. The role of John Adam is undoubtedly incredible. He is fighting for the independence- though he faces sheer opposition from his friends- and joining hands with Henry lee.

To know about the nation’s history, it is highly recommended to watch Asolo Rep’s “1776,” show.

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