How to Start a Children’s Educational Theatre Company


Starting a children’s educational theater company is an ambitious, yet admirable goal. If you have always had a yearning for theater or if you have recently decided to start your very own childrens educational theater, knowing the process and what it entails is essential before you begin on your newfound journey. Building and opening a childrens educational theater is not the easiest venture to endeavor on, but it is one that is extremely rewarding for those who are successful in their attempt.

Business Plan

If you are serious about opening your own childrens educational theater, you will first require a solid and suitable business plan. A working business plan is required for just about any business venture today, whether you are running a business online or locally. If you want to manage and open your own children’s educational theater, you will need to determine the purpose of the theater, who you intend to target, how you will provide education, and how the theater will be funded. The funding of your theater may be the most important aspect of your business plan, which is why it is so important to ensure your business plan is solidly developed before presenting it to banks, financial institutions, or any other potential investor who has an interest in your idea for a children’s theatre.

Benefits of a Business Plan

Investing time into developing the right business plan can mean the difference between failure and success, especially if you are entering a highly niche industry or market, such as educational theaters for children of all ages. A business plan outlines the purpose of your theater, how you intend to attract an audience, as well as how you will be paying for the theater’s operations over time.

With the help of a business coach, you can learn the ins and outs of developing your own business plan. This is especially useful if you are new to business or opening a theater company for the very first time. A coach who specializes in owning and operating businesses will also walk you through the proper steps of officially forming your business, whether you choose to do so as a corporation or an LLC, a Limited Liability Company. Choosing the right avenue for your business plan is important, especially if you have any intention of requesting funding from individuals or banking institutions before opening your theater.

How to Find a Coach

Finding the right coach who specializes in managing businesses such as children’s theaters is key when you are just going into business for the first time. You can find coaches by checking online, at local networking events, or by asking other professionals in the industry for their own referrals and recommendations. When you choose to search for a coach online, be sure to take time to read reviews and testimonials to determine which coach is most suitable for you based on their personality and the style of coaching they prefer to utilize.


If you are committed to starting your own childrens educational theater, you will also need to consider the type of staff you will need to employ. From teachers and presenters to ticket managers and accountants, there are many different individuals you may need to consider hiring before you can showcase the type of educational programs you intend to promote. If you are new to staffing a theater or if you are interested in finding the best candidates possible for the roles you are promoting as available, you can work with local staffing agencies to ensure the hiring process goes as smoothly as possible.

Advantages of Working With a Staffing Agency

Working with a professional staffing agency is a way for you to learn more about different candidates who are qualified and available to take on new work near you. When you work with a staffing agency, you can also request that any candidates who are interested in filling a role are not only experienced professionally but that they hold a specific set of skills, based on the position you have available. Agencies who specialize in staffing will save you time as they find all the staff you require in order to open your theater to the public.


If you are planning to run a childrens educational theater, you will also need to take care of the administration aspect of managing the operations. Not only will you need to hire proper administrative staff to oversee the overall operations of your theater, but you will also need to keep in mind any equipment or services you may require in order to keep your theater up and running at all times. From investing in your own server or database to manage online operations to seeking copier rental companies that are available near you, consider what type of resources you will need in order to manage staff, ticket sales, and different programs you intend to run.

If you are also currently working with a staffing agency, keep in mind that they have the power to assist you in finding administrative professionals near you. Working with a staffing agency will ensure that you are properly prepared and staffed before opening your theater’s doors to the public. You can also request specifics when seeking new candidates once you have an ongoing relationship with the staffing agency of your choice.


Launching a thriving childrens educational theater will require you to immerse yourself in creating different sets that are thematic and relevant to the type of educational programs you plan to create, share, and promote to a live audience. From finding local crib rentals to purchasing aluminum components to build your own sets from scratch, you will need to take the time to familiarize yourself with various companies and service providers near you. Working with local prop rental companies, warehouses, and overstock manufacturing companies can help you with obtaining the materials necessary to build any type of set you have in mind for your theater.

The Importance of Building Sets

Building sets and various components for different plays is a way to streamline the setup and management of different educational programs you intend to showcase. When you take the time to build sets ahead of time, you can also choose educational programs that align with the theme or aesthetic of the individual sets you have in place. Creating your own sets over time will also help you save money whenever you are budgeting for a new program or setup in the future.


Creating a successful childrens educational theater requires the right props. Props help illustrate and tell stories even without dialogue or direct instructions. Props can range from classic duvet covers and plastic glasses to fake food and era-based furniture. Choosing the right type of props you will need will depend on the type of program you intend to share. For children’s educational programs, investing in props such as schoolbooks, bags, and other learning equipment can help tell a story much easier.

Once you begin shopping for the props you will require for your children’s educational theater, you can do so by visiting local prop warehouses, a Christmas tree store, or even by shopping online. Before getting started, consider the exact props you need by making a list to help find a solution that is just right and most affordable. Searching for and comparing your options online before purchasing the props that are just right for your theater will also provide you with a sense of reassurance, especially when you do so from a brand you can trust and count on.

Advantages of Purchasing Props Ahead of Time

Investing in props as the owner of an educational children’s theater company will provide great ROI in the future. When props are easily accessible and do not require rentals, you can host more programs and plays in your theater without going over budget by renting props for each show you promote. Purchasing props ahead of time will also allow you to build a collection for more robust and complex educational plays and live shows in your theater as you continue to grow and expand.


In addition to investing in props and building sets, you should also consider the type of costumes you will need when you are in the process of building and opening your very own childrens educational theatre. Costumes are an integral part of any play or live show, whether you are hosting a children’s show that is silly and funny, educational, or a combination of all three. If you are in the process of creating an educational theater, it is wise to take some time to consider what type of basic costumes you will require, what sizes you will need to purchase, and if you will be sticking to any particular theme once you begin making your costume and accessory purchases.

Types of Costumes and Accessories

When you are opening a children’s educational theater company, you will need to consider just what type of costumes and accessories you will be purchasing and investing in for the future of your theater. From traditional eyeglasses to creating a custom t shirt for a specific show you have in mind, each play you intend to showcase will have a variety of costumes, accessories, and props. Costumes can range from full body outfits of animals and silly cartoons to accessories that include fake mustaches, beards, wigs, and unique makeup.

How to Find the Best Costumes for a Theater Company

Finding the best costumes for your intended theater company is possible by checking with local costume outlets as well as online. When you choose to browse online for your costumes, you can do so by researching and comparing brands, manufacturers, and reviews from verified customers. Learn more about materials, styles, and costs while conducting your research to ensure you make the right decision once it comes time to choose the costumes that are perfect for your theater’s needs.

Searching online for costumes is a way to find the highest quality solutions even if you are on a strict budget. Online shopping is also a way to streamline the shopping process without requiring you to drive all around town to find what you need. When browsing online, you can always do so by reading testimonials to find the ideal manufacturers and suppliers.


Choosing the right lighting for your theater is imperative, especially if you are intent on creating a warm, welcoming, and pleasing atmosphere for your attendees. When it comes time to invest in new lighting, it is best to do so with a professional by your side. Working with certified electricians who specialize in commercial spaces is a way for you to maintain your peace of mind while knowing that the electrical work being completed in your theater is being done properly.

Advantages of Hiring a Certified Electrician

Hiring a certified electrician is essential whenever you are running a business or operating a commercial space, including a theater. Regardless of the size of your theater, a commercial electrician will not only have experience when it comes to wiring and managing commercial buildings, but they will also be fully licensed and insured to complete work for clients. Insurance and licensing are key components of any certified electrician, whether they typically work on residential homes or in commercial environments.

A certified electrician understands the ins and outs of working in commercial buildings and can help identify potential problem areas in your wiring that require immediate and direct attention. When you are working with a certified electrician, you can also ensure that the job is done while following any zoning laws, restrictions, or requirements that are currently in place. These will vary based on where you live and what region your theater is currently located in. Inquire about all of your options before choosing a solution that is optimal for you when you are working alongside a professional and certified electrician.

Creating and opening a childrens educational theater is a way for you to share your love for theater with children of all ages in an educational manner. With your own childrens educational theater, choose which shows, programs, and plays are presented to members of your community. With the vision and business plan in mind, you can move forward with your dreams of owning and operating the best local children’s educational theater near you.

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