How to Start Performing Arts Schools in Missouri


Do you have a passion for singing, dancing, or acting? Do the creative arts spark something special in you? Have you always wanted to pass this love on to you people as well? Did you grow up watching the 1980s show, ‘Fame’, and think about how, one day, you could run a school like that? Performing arts schools in Missouri are a way for youngsters to get a head start on their budding careers as dancers, musicians, actors, and more. If you live in a city in Missouri that doesn’t have too many creative outlets, you could be a trailblazer by creating a school. Of course, it’s not easy to develop any educational facility, and you’ll need help getting it off the ground. Read this useful guide to get started on building the school of your dreams. Starting a high-quality institution is a fantastic endeavor, but it isn’t easy. It’s important to have a plan in place before you begin.

Get the Proper Business Insurance

As you think about the advantage of having performing art schools in Missouri, don’t waste time getting lost in nostalgia or emotion. Your school is still a business, and you must handle it as one. One of the first things you should do is get the proper business insurance. This type of insurance is there to protect your personal assets, as well as the safety of anyone who works for you.

Missouri is a state that can have very harsh winters. What if the pipes freeze or there’s structural damage due to snow and ice? If the school building suffers damage that causes it to shut down temporarily, the proper business insurance can ensure that you can afford the cost of repairs and rebuilding.

According to Surrano Law Officers, business interruption insurance provides a way for businesses like performing arts schools in Missouri to help pay employees during a temporary shutdown. It would be terrible to lose a good teacher to another school because you can’t afford to pay them during shutdowns for repairs.

Life events happen unexpectedly, and some students may have to withdraw earlier than expected. Some students may have a family emergency, run out of funding, or change majors. When several students leave before graduation, it can affect your school’s revenue. Luckily, your performing arts school can apply for registration refund insurance, as a way to protect your school from major financial consequences.

Remodel Your Space

New performance art schools in Missouri may not have the funding to build an original structure from scratch. So, you may need to look for an older building to renovate. Luckily, a general contracting service can help you remodel a building that may have served a different purpose, such as an abandoned hospital or estate. Build a stage, finish the floors, and install new windows. Do everything you need to create the ideal space for a performing arts student to shine.

If the place is old and drab, the right painting job will help turn it into a facility that creative students will walk into and immediately feel at home. A local general contractor can sand down and repair holes in walls and paint them any color you’d like. You can have a mix of neutral-colored white walls and some bold-colored walls. Leave space for some of the artists to paint murals.

People interested in building performing arts schools in Missouri need to understand the different types of facilities various careers need. For example, your dance students will need open spaces and smooth floors to dance on. If your performing arts school includes some visual artists, art students will need space with good ventilation and natural light. Your actors will need at least one stage or a few to perform classic plays and soliloquies. Let’s not forget about the musicians, who need places to store their instruments and proper seating that holds sheet music as they play along to a conductor.

Install New Flooring

Can you imagine a ballerina jumping and spinning around on a floor with cracks? That wouldn’t be the safest thing to do. Music students need flooring that properly enhances the acoustics of their instruments and voices. For example, a carpeted room versus a room with a hardwood floor will create different sounds.

That’s why, before you move any furniture in or start painting fancy murals, finish all the floors in your facility. Having renovated smooth floors isn’t just for aesthetic reasons, it’s also for function and safety. As mentioned, dancers could hurt themselves on floors with cracks, dents, and other impurities. You’re dealing with many students and teachers, so if somebody trips and hurts themselves, they may be out for a performance and could miss some valuable creative time. It can also be a liability issue if you don’t have your insurance in order.

A waterproof flooring contractor can ensure your existing floors remain smooth and are easy to clean. They can use epoxy sealing to cover existing hardwood, cement, or vinyl flooring. It will also protect your floors for years to come, which is important as performing arts involves a lot of footwork and traffic that could wear down a floor that’s weak or unprotected. All performing art schools in Missouri need the strongest floors possible!

Create Costume Storage

Imagine preparing for an annual performance only to realize the costumes have become ruined. If you have ongoing stage productions, make sure you properly store your costumes. Proper storage will enable you to keep reusing the same costumes and just make updates necessary. Otherwise, constantly having to make costumes from scratch can tear into the budget of performing arts schools in Missouri.

Different materials have different storage requirements and some may need more protection than others. For example, humidity can affect certain fabrics. That’s why you should invest in custom closet design companies that can keep all of your beautiful costume designs remain secure all year long.

Have Your Plumbing Repaired

What does plumbing have to do with performing art schools in Missouri? When you were in school, you remember going to the bathroom and having to wash your hands, right? Well, your performing arts students and teachers have the same basic needs. In addition, as they perform, they’ll get sweaty and tired and need to take showers. So having the best facilities for them to wash up and get refreshed is ideal for them to recover after a performance.

Your plumbing may be old and prone to leaks. Have a professional plumber check and repair existing pipes to ensure there are no cracks or leaks that can result in potential water damage to your facility. Water remediation is very expensive and could result in damage to your building structure, which could temporarily shut down classes and performances.

Whether they sing, are projecting their voices on stage, or dancing in a performance of The Nutcracker, your students at performing arts schools in Missouri need strong lungs. According to Qipa, mold spores can begin to sprout in a wet environment in as little as 24 hours. Students being exposed to mold is a health hazard that can damage their respiratory system. By getting plumbing and potential leaks underhand, you could prevent such health problems from occurring.

Install New AC

Imagine your Missouri classroom freezing in the middle of winter. It would be difficult for students to comfortably perform or concentrate if they’re freezing their butts off. The situation isn’t ideal for teachers either. That’s why performing art schools in Missouri should keep AC units up to date. You may need to go ahead and have an AC unit replacement. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to get a new one instead of constantly repairing an old one.

According to the Missouri Climate Center, the entire state experiences annual freezing temperatures that average about 110 days with temperatures below 32° F in the northern half, the West Central Plains, and East Ozarks. Classrooms, rehearsal studios, and lunchrooms should be as warm as possible in winter for everyone’s comfort.

However, it’s not just the cold you must worry about in your Midwestern performing arts school. You also need to cool things down in summer, as the state can have humid summers. According to SEMA, there were 250 hyperthermia deaths in Missouri from 2010 to 2019 and nearly half of those deaths included people aged 65 years and older.

Upgrade Your Windows

Like any other educational facility or business, performing arts schools and Missouri should always have updated windows. These features play a big role in proper insulation. As mentioned earlier, students need a comfortable environment at all times, as do teachers. Even with a good AC unit, hot air in winter and cold air in summer will creep out through poorly sealed windows. Imagine all the money your school business will waste by constantly blasting the HVAC system while dealing with uncomfortable temperatures.

Don’t forget to consider commercial window tinting. Window tinting isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. This feature can aid in the privacy of anyone inside and allow students to rehearse in peace without outside prying eyes. Tinted windows can also protect your rooms from harmful UV rays that damage floors and furniture.

Repair Your Roof

According to Best Places, Missouri has about 97 days of precipitation. For at least 1/4 of the year, your commercial structure may have to deal with inclement weather. One of the best ways to prepare for harsh wind, rain, or snow is to have a strong enough roof that can withstand the impact of hail, snowstorms, ice, and rain. That’s why before you start having classes at performing art schools in Missouri, have a roofer check for any cracks, holes, loose shingles, tiles, or other vulnerabilities.

Check to make sure it’s not sagging. If so, that means the underlying structure has been damaged and can cause the roof to cave in. The last thing you’d want is your school’s roof to cave in on your students and teachers, as they can cause major injuries and possible fatalities.

Allowing roofing contractors to work their magic can also help your school’s budget. As long as your roof has proper insulation, the inside air is less likely to escape. As a result, your school administration won’t have to pay high energy bills in the harsh winter months or on humid summer days.

Purchase Instruments

The musical students at performing art schools in Missouri will need as many instruments as possible. While instruments aren’t necessarily cheap to buy, there are ways you can save. Check your local sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to see if there are sellers with used instruments in good condition.

Also check to see if your state or city has any special programs to help with funding. According to Get Government Grants, the OHMI Foundation and Holland Opus Foundation are national organizations that provide grants to decrease the barriers musicians have in getting proper instruments.

Pianos are one of the most expensive instruments to buy, which is why you should consider buying used pianos for performing arts schools in Missouri. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of fundraisers that focus on the purpose of buying instruments for the school.

Get Your Parking Lot Repaired

Students, teachers, and other visitors need comfortable places to park at the school. Asphalt driveway paving is a great way to ensure the ground is smooth and safe as possible. Properly paving your parking lot reduces the liability of someone tripping or having an accident due to a pothole. There should also be enough handicapped spaces. According to the American Disability Act, there should be at least one accessible parking space for every 25 of them.

Performing arts schools in Missouri can bring so much to the culture and educational environment. If you’re going to take the chance to start one, make sure you’re well prepared. Use this guide to help produce a successful school that can creatively educate young people for years to come. Your school may produce the next Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, or Prince.

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