How to Plan Perfect Broadway Show and Dinner Packages for Your NYC Itinerary


Visiting New York City promises and delivers an amazing experience unlike anything else. In what other city can you literally stay out all night without going home while seeing amazing sights like a woman juggling fire and a cellist in a tuxedo pushing their instrument down the street on a dolly? It’s like a completely different planet in NYC, and no stop is complete without a Broadway show.

But if you’ve never been to New York before, it can be challenging to plan Broadway show and dinner packages without a little help. Thankfully, we’re here to help. We can help you better understand how to play these fantastic shows and meal options, including how to find a performance you enjoy and the best things to look for in your package. You will get the best results when using these tips.

Step One: Know the Basic Steps You Need to Follow

When brainstorming great Broadway show and dinner packages for your trip, you must take the time to plan each element of your trip carefully. There are several things that you need to keep in mind that simply can’t be ignored. The following elements will be covered in more depth later but are important to understand right away:

  1. Find Shows You Like – Start your amazing Broadway adventure by knowing exactly what shows are available when you go to New York City! Read entertainment magazines, check online, or do a quick search on ticket sites to find what shows are popular and interesting to you.
  2. Know Where You’ll Stay – No place you stay in NYC is going to be cheap (that’s just the way it is) so take the time to research exactly what to expect from various hotels. For example, you can find some that have limo service and other benefits that make them more than worth the money you spend.
  3. Decide on Food Options – Where exactly do you want to eat while you’re in New York City? There are limitless options, and it can be overwhelming. For example, if you want to try a Japanese restaurant, there are probably nearly a thousand options spread throughout the city.

These steps may seem simple on the surface but require careful planning and execution. Often, it is best to work with a travel agency that can help package together your tickets and much more to make your trip easier. For now, sit down with your family, go over the steps above, and make some decisions before doing any booking.

Step Two: Understand the Schedule of Your Shows

When planning your Broadway show and dinner packages please note that show schedules can vary heavily based on demand. For example, there are generally no Monday performances, meaning that you need to plan around that limitation. Friday and Saturday are often the most hectic performance days as well, meaning you may want to pick another day instead. Sunday is typically matinee or afternoon shows only, as well.

Schedules may also vary heavily around the holiday season, with most shows having no performances on Christmas and other major holidays. Instead, they may perform on Monday or other days, so carefully plan around this fact! Note that NYC is often packed with visitors during these periods, making it tough to plan a Broadway package even at the best of times.

When all else fails, check out what Broadway show and dinner packages your travel company has available for you. These professionals will seek out the different options and will work hard to ensure that you get the best results. Often, this process includes researching what kinds of packages fit into your budget, as well as which makes the most sense for your travel time.

Step Three: Buy in Advance

You simply can’t try to buy the best Broadway show and dinner packages at the last minute and expect great results. Some people buy packages 8-9 months ahead of time not only to get the best deals possible but even to get tickets. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying as much as $2,000 or more for tickets, which is certainly way too much when you can find them for under $200 booking ahead of time.

This is undoubtedly very frustrating and is something that keeps many people away from Broadway. It isn’t as tough when finding great dinner packages, as even the best Italian restaurant on Broadway shouldn’t have a months-long waiting list. However, making sure that both your show and your restaurant are open at the same time requires a few steps. Here are some tips to help improve this process:

  • Set up news alerts from Broadway sites to keep track of shows in your area
  • Create alerts that tell you when tickets go on sale ahead of time
  • Call Broadway offices periodically to learn more about what’s available
  • Research the different restaurant options in and around the area
  • Talk to these restaurants to learn more about their waiting list
  • Find comfortable hotels where you can stay and book ahead of time

Taking the time to do this research can help make it easier to find a show package that suits your needs. For example, you can find a fun tiki bar near your show where you can hang out after the performance. You can also find a hotel that has unique amenities, such as dog-sitting if you need to bring a canine friend. This should give you more than enough options for your big trip.

Step Four: Research Last-Minute Ticket Options

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans fail, and you don’t book Broadway show and dinner packages far enough ahead of time to save the most money possible. If this happens to you, never fear! There are a few ways that you can find Broadway tickets at the last minute. We warn you that you might end up spending more money than you want, but the following options are available:

  • Rush Tickets – RUSH tickets are sometimes available for some shows and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These aren’t always available, though, so be aware of potential limitations.
  • Student Prices – In some cases, there may be student-only tickets available that you can take advantage of if you go to college. Be ready to show your ID to get these tickets.
  • Ticket Lotteries – In some rare situations, shows may provide ticket lotteries that put you in the running for free or heavily discounted tickets. This option isn’t common but does happen.

Note that these options aren’t always available when booking Broadway show and dinner packages. They’re simply something to try when all else has failed, and you can’t find tickets anywhere. You may sometimes get tickets for lower prices but usually end up paying more. And please don’t buy from scalpers. You’re never going to be happy when you try that approach!

Step Five: Find a Comfortable Place to Stay

A big part of Broadway show and dinner packages is finding a great hotel or room that offers you the best amenities possible. These include high-quality hotels near Broadway or those on the outskirts of NYC. When finding a great place to stay, look for options that offer things like:

  • Easy access to shopping destinations, such as womens clothing stores
  • Comfort amenities, such as a great spa or gym
  • Big rooms with comfortable beds, desks, and room service
  • A hair salon that helps make it easier for you to get out on the town
  • Pools, hot tubs, and other fun and engaging relaxation options
  • High-speed internet with multiple video streaming options
  • Easy access to taxi or other types of delivery services
  • A bar or restaurant where you can relax at the end of each day

Should you find a hotel that offers body sculpting and other unexpected amenities? That all depends on how much you want to spend. None of the suggestions here will result in an inexpensive hotel stay, so make sure that you’re ready to pay a little before you come.

For example, you may work with a jewelry buyer to raise some funds before coming to New York. Doing so can also help you pare down your belongings a little and help clear up any clutter that may be lingering throughout your home.

Step Six: Know What Food You Want

While booking a great show and room are vital steps when creating Broadway show and dinner packages for your trip, you also need to pick amazing restaurants that satisfy your culinary curiosity! Here are a few steps to take to ensure that you get the best results for your needs:

  • Pick Something You Can’t Get Elsewhere – New York City’s fantastic array of different restaurants gives you a whole world of options. Try to pick things that aren’t common in your area, such as excellent Egyptian or African food, to get the best possible package deal for your trip.
  • Book Your Visit Ahead of Time – While you typically don’t need to book your restaurant months in advance, as you may your show, it is a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation. Doing so can ensure that you get into each restaurant that you want without a nasty surprise.
  • Choose Different Restaurants Each Day – Make sure you pick multiple restaurant types for the days you’re in New York City. Doing so can give you a better understanding of what is available and ensure that you get the best experience possible, and produce a uniquely diverse meal plan.
  • Talk With Your Family About Their Preferences – If you’re going with friends or family members to Broadway, make sure you talk about what food they want to eat. Doing so can help ensure that everybody is happy and minimizes conflicts that may otherwise arise.
  • Understand the Prices Before You Book – Talk to the restaurant manager before booking a reservation and find out how much they charge for their food. You shouldn’t be surprised by high prices but feel comfortable paying for your food when you finally settle down to eat.

Talk with your travel agency about these different factors before booking any Broadway show and dinner packages. They’ll help you sort through your unique options and find the fantastic deal that makes the most sense for you. They’ll also do what they can to ensure that you spend within your budget whenever possible.

Step Seven: Know What Else You Want to Do

There are so many things you get with Broadway show and dinner packages and you should make sure that you find enough extra things to do while you’re in NYC. Even if you plan on seeing multiple Broadway shows, you should still have most of the early days to do many other unique and fun things. For example, you may find yourself wanting to do things like:

  • Checking out a sports game, such as watching the Yankees, Mets, or even the Jets play a game
  • Visiting multiple museums or other destinations to get a touch of culture during your trip
  • Taking a walk through Central Park to learn more about this beautiful natural area
  • Stopping in Greenwich Village to learn more about this small area’s cultural importance
  • Crossing the multiple bridges throughout the city on foot to see amazing views of the city
  • Climbing the Empire State Building or taking a fairy to the Statue of Liberty

Each of these unique options is a great choice for people visiting New York City. Try to find packages that include at least some of these options in their price. While you will end up paying more, it’s more than worth it if you have an unforgettable experience.

If you feel comfortable booking the best Broadway show and dinner packages, it is a good idea to reach out to your travel agent to learn more about the options available to you. Working with a high-quality expert will ensure that you get the best results. Reach out to whatever travel agent suits your needs as soon as possible by either calling them directly or stopping by their office.

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