3D Printing Debunked


In this video, you will learn about 3d printing. The video goes through some rumors about 3d printing that you may have heard before. Some may or may not be true, but watching this video will explain why this is.

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Three myths that he used to believe are things he thinks you should be aware of. The first myth is that 3d printing is a new and state of the edge technology. There is no question that the rise of knowledge for 3d printing is growing. However, 3d printing has been around since the ’80s. A man in Japan in the ’80s actually was the primary inventor for 3d printing. This research was published in 1981. Not many people know of this. It was not until the 90s that America really was exposed to 3d printing. In 1998, was the first 3d printing shown in a movie. This seemed to be before its time, however, it had been around for over ten years. The next myth is that ABS is stronger than PLA. If you are using 3d printing as a hobby, you used to have to spend 30k+ to even fill the printer with plastic.

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