How Playing Puzzles Boosts Overall Development at All Stages of Life


Solving puzzles has many benefits. It helps to improve short-term memory and boost our mood. In this article, we look at some of the benefits of puzzle games for people of all ages.

Early Cognitive Development

The benefits of playing puzzle games may start early in childhood. Even the little ones can play with easy puzzles like animal planet games before they gradually progress to more complex pieces.

For children, it helps them physically by enhancing their coordination and movement. They learn to pick the pieces and place them in the correct position. In the process, they gain fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Through games, kids learn different approaches to solving a puzzle. It also conditions them to be patient when working on a problem. The child can learn social skills when playing with friends or other members of the family.

Mental Ability

As we grow older, we become more accustomed to solving complex puzzles. Adults can take on a 750 or 1000 piece puzzle frame. The brain is like a muscle, the more we exert it, the stronger and more resilient it becomes.

Working on puzzles teaches you to focus. As you examine the different pieces, you learn to appreciate the details. Your output at home or at work will benefit from the higher accuracy you apply when performing important tasks.

According to research, puzzles can increase our IQ even in the adult stage of life. It was found that adults taking on challenging puzzles could boost their IQ by 4 points if they practiced for at least 25 minutes a day.

Enhancing Visual-Reasoning Skills

After working on a complex 1000 piece puzzle frame for some time, we also develop visual-spatial skills. These skills enhance our capacity to examine different elements, and determine where they fit in the big picture.

Spatial ability is important for accomplishing day to day tasks. By understanding the relationship between objects in space, you can fix equipment, approximate distances when driving, or using a map. It is a skill that is useful for interior designers, engineers, architects, and many other professions.

Improve Short-Term Memory

If you regularly work on a 1000 piece puzzle frame, the brain begins to form new connections. Your brain also produces dopamine, which makes the process of solving difficult puzzles more pleasurable. The two factors combine to boost the speed of your mental processes.

One specific mental benefit in solving puzzle games is in improving short-term memory. Short term memory can help to maximize productivity and accomplish tasks faster. Forgetfulness can not only slow you down but is often responsible for frequent bouts of mental fatigue and lethargy.

Reduce Stress

When you immerse yourself into solving tough puzzles, you release the feel-good-hormone dopamine. It not only works on our cognitive ability but also boosts the mood. Dopamine is also an important factor in improving concentration and sustaining motivation.

As you work on your 1000 piece puzzle frame, your mind shifts from the beta level to the alpha level. At that level, your mind creates more robust connections and enhances your ability to solve problems.

Prevent Cognitive Decline

Solving hard puzzles stimulates the brain and increases new connections. There is scientific evidence to suggest that it shields against cognitive decline. It delays the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The longer you practice, the more it will shield you against cognitive decline. However, you shouldn’t ignore medical advice on Dementia and Alzheimer’s because you have been solving puzzles for a long time. Other factors like genetics, diet, and medication, can be contributing factors. You should look at it as one way you can manage the risk of developing mental conditions.

Bottom Line

Playing puzzle games is a great way for people of all ages to have fun, boost their cognitive capacity, and socialize. You can get more of these benefits by challenging yourself with harder puzzles. We have a wide variety of games and puzzles, ranging from 300 pieces to over 1000 piece puzzle frame. For more, visit our website today.

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