When You Buy Some Balloons


Balloons are among the most convenient, affordable, and fun way to decorate a room or outdoor space for a party, and they’re a common sight at birthday parties, charity events, a bridal shower, and the like. While wholesale latex balloons are the traditional type and are shape like teardrops, foil balloons can come in a wider variety of shapes, and are usually filled with helium. A party supply store is bound to have a lot of wholesale latex balloons in stock, and these wholesale latex balloons may come in packets of many at once, such 50 or even 100 balloons. What else is there to know about balloons and their use? There is more than one way to make or use a balloon, after all.

All About Wholesale Latex Balloons

These types of balloons are often what people picture when they think about balloons, and the idea of latex balloons is actually quite old. Back in 1824, professor Michael Faraday invented them when he fused together the edges of two rubber sheets and filled the item with air, thus creating balloons. The idea of balloons thus took off, but today’s balloons aren’t often made of rubber. Instead, latex is the default material for making these balloons. As for why, harvesting that much rubber would put some serious strain on natural rubber tree populations and lead to deforestation. By contrast, a latex tree can provide material for a few decades, and workers can collect latex from these for a long time without killing the trees. Thus, latex is an environmentally sustainable route for making balloons.

Latex balloons are usually a solid color, and when inflated, they are shaped like a tear drop, though, they can also be shaped like a heart if they are made a certain way. Such balloons can be filled with either helium or plain air, and a helium filled balloon will indeed float. It will last for about 24 hours or so, and these balloons are often tied to a string or ribbon so they can be held in hand or weighted down with an item. A helium pump is needed to fill them up, and at some events like a carnival, people can buy latex balloons that are already fully inflated.

Or, air can be used to inflate these latex balloons, with a simple pump or even a person’s own breath. These balloons certainly won’t float, but they are easier to fill, and they can be taped to surfaces or scattered on the floor to form a sort of ball pit. They can also be attached to frames in great numbers to form decorations, such as at a high school prom dance floor.

Foil Balloons

A more recent innovation is foil balloons, which are made from two foil sheets that are fused together at the edges and usually filled with helium to float. Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons can be cut into many different shapes, such as squares, circles, hearts, and even numbers or letters. Foil balloons may also have colors or images printed on them, from pop culture imagery to messages such as “happy birthday” or “get well soon.” Foil balloons are often available at grocery stores already fully inflated and tied to strings, though shoppers can also find foil balloons in packages to be inflated later.

When to Use Balloons

When is a great time for wholesale latex balloons or a few foil balloons? Decorative balloons make for fine gifts, such as giving a heart shaped latex balloon to someone on Valentine’s Day or a personal anniversary, or giving a foil balloon to a hospital patient to cheer them up. And as mentioned earlier, a child’s birthday party is a fine time for balloons, such as one or two foil balloons shaped like the child’s new age, or a collection of air filled latex balloons scattered on the floor or balloons taped to the backs of chairs. A bridal shower or baby shower may include, among other things, pink and white balloons for decoration in a room. And finally, many high school proms involve a cage mounted on the ceiling that contains many air filled latex balloons. At some point during the dance, all those balloons will be released and scattered, just for fun.

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