What You Should Know About Planning Your Wedding


Getting married is a hugely exciting time in anyone’s life. After all, you are pledging to commit yourself to the person that you love for the rest of your life. Many will choose to have a wedding as well, so that they can celebrate this impressive and monumental event surrounded by their friends and family members, their loved ones and those who matter to them most of all. In fact, very nearly two and a half million people choose to get married on a yearly basis, and that’s just here in the United States. This means that up to 44,000 people are getting married each and every weekend that passes us by.

There is a lot that goes into wedding planning, of this there is no doubt. After all, there are just so many different parts of what makes a wedding work, from the venue to the number of guests to the attire worn by the wedding party. For these reasons, the average engagement will last for just over a year, giving the newly engaged couple time to figure out what they want and what they are looking for – and time to make it all come together, for that matter.

There are a few things that will need to be decided upon relatively early in the process of wedding planning. For instance, the date is essential to planning your wedding, as most everything that you set up for the wedding will end up being structured around this date. Fortunately, there are many dates throughout the year to choose from, from summer weddings to winter weddings to fall and spring weddings.

Summer weddings are by and large the most popular, something that is likely fueled by the fact that more than 30% of all weddings (around 35% of them now, more than one third) are held outside. Therefore, it only makes sense that up to 15% of all weddings take place throughout the month of June, when the weather is nice but likely not yet too hot. October, during which 14% of all weddings in the United States take place, is a close second. After all, it is likely that the weather will remain nice well into the month, if not even past it (depending on where you are in the country, that is).

Once you have selected a date, you’ll need to figure out your guest list. After all, the guest list is another defining factor of your wedding, as your number of guests will determine the venue that you rent, the money that you spend, the catering service that you utilize, and even more. Typically, a wedding will include around 136 guests. However, some people will choose to have much larger weddings – and many will also choose to have weddings that are considerably smaller, for that matter.

Selecting and putting a deposit down for a venue is also something that will be critical, given the fact that you typically must reserve your space at least nine months in advance, if not even further in the future before the date of your wedding. For those having outdoor weddings, something like a tent rental is likely to be ideal. After all, wedding tents for rent can provide the space and shelter needed for any outdoor venue – and are likely to cost a good deal less than your traditional venue as well.

Of course, other rental products can also help you to save on money. Wedding linen rentals provide a great example of exactly this. Wedding linen rentals give you the option to include fine linens for your wedding – but wedding linen rentals will most certainly be far less expensive than buying brand new wedding linens. In fact, wedding linen rentals can even help to reduce the overall waste that is generated during the typical wedding process, something that makes wedding linen rentals ideal from an environmental standpoint as well.

And wedding linen rentals are most certainly not the only types of wedding rentals to make a big day all the more affordable and environmentally conscious. In addition to wedding linen rentals, wedding flooring rentals and even the renting of wedding chairs is also possible. At the end of the day, these small additions can have a big impact.

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