5 Simple and Fun Ideas for Filling Gift Baskets


Gift baskets make the perfect and most cheerful way of marking memorable occasions with loved ones, special events and or show appreciation to someone. There are plenty of simple gift basket filler ideas to create personalized, unique inexpensive gifts for anyone in your circle.

The best thing about gift hampers is that it can be fancy or simple as you want. While most people will have no problem splashing thousands of dollars on their gifts ideas, a simple gift basket with tempting assortments of special treats is an equally significant show of love.

According to a 2015 UGiftIdeas survey, 58.79% of respondents agreed that gift-giving makes their relationships more meaningful.

Simple Gift Basket Filler Ideas

1. Manicure and Spa Gift Basket

Thinking of good ideas for gifts? How about a simple and creative beauty gift basket ideal for a sister, mother, wife or just a female friend. Manicure obsession is real and some ladies literally can’t go a day without admiring their nails or always looking for new shades of nail polish for their next manicure session.

Fill a basket with basic manicure items like lipsticks, nail polish, blushes, liquid eyeliner, and highlighters. Complete the gift set with spa essentials including body wash, moisturizer, bath salts and bombs, soaps and a fluffy bath towel. However, to avoid spending on something your loved won’t like, make sure you have at least have a clue of what makes them tick.

2. Sweet Tooth Gift Basket

For chocolate lovers, a chocolate gift hamper will momentarily mean the world to them. Why not gift that person a basket filled with an assortment of gourmet chocolate, truffles, cookies and bottle of fine wine. You can also top it up with hot cocoa powder which makes an ideal gift idea especially this time of the year.

Use interesting basket fillers such as mini foam balls or fun sparklers to complete your gift idea. But you can use readily available materials such as shredded magazine papers and still make your basket delightful.

3. Car Wash Gift Basket

Car wash gift basket is a great gift especially for men and teenage boys who’re utterly into their cars. It’s not surprising that some people take good care of their cars more than themselves. A good car care gift basket must not lack a car wash soap, spray, polish and wax, grit guard, tire spray shine and more. Interior wipes and car air fresheners are also part of this package.

4. Newborn Gift Fillers Basket Ideas

If your wife, mother or friend is expecting a new baby, there are plenty of gift basket ideas just for expectant mothers. Most first time mothers often get overwhelmed with the decisions they have to make before the due date. Why not relieve them off the stress of choosing clothes and toys with a new baby gift basket.

Items to add to this basket can include things like diapers, bibs, wipes, blankets, bath and teething toys. While in the spirit of newborns, expectant mothers also love to be pampered. They need tender love and care during this period. Consider filling the basket with skincare products for mothers such as foot scrub, cream, body oil and morning sickness remedies like pregnancy vitamins, antacids, and preggie pop drops

5. Housewarming Gift Basket Filler Ideas

This is a practical gift basket for new homeowners. Generally, moving to a new place has its challenges especially when there are some fixtures need to be put in place. Consider filling a basket with those small but practical new home essentials like superglue, wall hooks, scissors, tape measure, hammer, extension lead, power sockets and anything you think could be of value to a new homeowner.

With these simple and unique gift basket filler ideas, you can send a message of love and be sure it has been well received. Simplicity is the key to creating a delightful gift basket, but you’re not limited to spend on the most luxurious gift ideas.

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