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Americans love to take vacations, often traveling more than 50 miles away from where they live so that they can see and do exotic and new things. Some 95% of surveyed American employees agree that taking vacations is important to them, and this fuels both the domestic and international tourism industries. Around 85% of all American trips taken are domestic ones, and given the vast geographical expanse of the United States, there are plenty of places to visit for vacation activities. Some Americans travel simply for the novelty of a new place and pursue vacation activities to take their mind off the grind and stress of everyday life. In other cases, couples are taking luxury vacations to their honeymoon, or before that, they may book a location for a destination wedding. To plan your wedding, you may decide to have a destination wedding at a particular location, and this may range from the coast of Hawaii (exotic and fun), a rustic farm (such as in New York state or Amish country) or even Alaska during spring or summer to take advantage of that state’s stunning vistas.

Planning Your Destination Wedding

Ballroom weddings are common enough, and many Americans perform their wedding ceremony in their house of worship. Churches are the most common for this, but Jewish Americans may marry in their synagogue, Hindu Americans may marry in a temple, and so on. But in other cases, nature might be the stage for your wedding, and vacation activities include tying the knot somewhere fun. Plenty of statistics show that Americans are having more destination weddings than ever (especially younger ones), and honeymoons may be taken anywhere in the world. Every year, some 1.4 million American newlyweds travel for their honeymoon, and Wedding Wire has reported that $4,000 is the average cost for a honeymoon. That comes out to 11-14% of the entire wedding’s cost. On average, those honeymoons may last seven to nine days.

Where to go? Some Americans may plan both their destination wedding and honeymoon well in advance, and for more rustic adventures, such as in Alaska or Colorado’s wilderness, cabin rental might be a fine idea. Some people really love the outdoors, and some fresh air and stunning natural vistas may be truly inspiring. That, and outdoor vacation activities such as dog sledding, hiking or kayaking, fishing, and more are simply a lot of fun. During spring and summer, many Americans may marry in Alaska when it’s relatively warm and there’s a lot of greenery, and a mountain range, glaciers, pine forests, and sparkling lakes may make for an excellent backdrop. That, and the wonderfully clean and pure air. This sort of trip might involve a lot of hotel bookings ahead of time for all the guests, since most if not all of them are flying in from out of state and need somewhere to stay.

Hawaii’s beaches are a classic example of an outdoor wedding, and beachside weddings tend to be more casual ones since ballroom clothes won’t do well out there. These fun weddings might be conducted barefoot, and the bride may wear a light, thin gown and forgo expensive ballroom shoes, and the men may roll up their pants a bit and go barefoot, too. Everyone may wear light-colored clothing made of light and breathable fabric, but tradition dictates that only the bride actually wears white. What is more, the bride’s jewelry could be sea glass, which is creative and fun jewelry that’s also thematic for a beach wedding.

The Honeymoon

Many newly-married couples will go on a honeymoon right after their wedding, and some may do this the very next day. Honeymoons can be taken anywhere in the world, potentially, from Thailand to India to France to Brazil, but for domestic honeymoon travel, the states of Alaska and Hawaii beckon once again, especially if the wedding was an indoor ceremony after all. Couples on their honeymoon may visit Hawaii for some snorkeling, guided tours of the local terrain and history, or even taking a helicopter tour from high above. That, and fun beach parties (and the exotic and charming native cultures). In Alaska, rugged couples may enjoy fishing, kayaking, hiking, and more, and Alaska also has some museums to visit in its cities.

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