Autumn Activities Out on the Farm


During autumn, or fall, all sorts of autumn activities can be done outside, and such autumn activities can be great fun for the whole family. For example, families might visit a local farm that is hosting a festival that includes hay rides, picking apples and pumpkins, and more. Visiting an apple farm or orchard can be great fun for the kids, and parents can bake all sorts of popular desserts with apples, pumpkins, and more. Apple donuts, apple pies, pumpkin pie, and more may be baked during the chilly months of the year, and on top of that, a farm is a fine place for a rustic wedding. More and more Americans opt for outdoor or destination weddings, and autumn activities might very well include tying the knot.

Picking and Baking Apples

Apples rank among the most popular fruits of all, and people around the world love to eat them as they are or bake them into all sorts of recipes. There’s no shortage of them; they are cultivated in many parts of the world, and nearly 7,500 varieties can be found around the world. Around 2,500 of those apple types are grown in the United States alone, often on farms in areas like rural New York state or Pennsylvania. Autumn activities can include visiting the apple orchard on a farm, where kids (with supervision) may have a great time picking apples that they find there. Their parents, meanwhile, can bake all sorts of things with them.

What can apples be made into? A lot, in fact. Most popular may be apple pies, a North American classic dessert. In fact, Crisco and the American Pie Council launched a recent survey to find out what sort of desserts Americans would most want friends and family to bring to a holiday dinner. The most popular response was indeed pie, and Crisco and the American Pie Council worked further to see what flavors of pies were most popular. They found that apple was the number one choice at 47%, with pumpkin coming in second at 37% and chocolate cream coming third at 32%. Besides pies, apples can also be made into apple fritters, apple donuts, applesauce, candy apples, and much more.


Another popular food to pick at a farm during autumn activities may be pumpkins. These distinctive orange vegetables, native to North America, are beloved both for pumpkin pies and as decorations. During October and November, families can visit a pumpkin patch, where kids can have a good time choosing a pumpkin to pick and take back home with them. These pumpkins can be made into pumpkin pie, or they can be carved into jack-o-lanterns, a popular piece of Halloween decor. Pumpkins can be left as they are, and serve as festive decorations for a home during October and November. Pumpkin pie, meanwhile, is a classic for American Thanksgiving and for the winter holidays, and may be also eaten with whipped cream. Even the seeds can be baked as snacks.

A Wedding

As mentioned earlier, a farm may be a popular destination site for a wedding ceremony, and many American brides and grooms are looking for destination weddings. These locales may vary, and some are more popular than others based on season. A beach may not be appealing during winter or other cold weather, but a farm may be a fine rustic wedding venue during early autumn or so. If it can be arranged, a farm’s space may be rented for this outdoorsy wedding venue, and the convenient part is that nearly all decorations are already in place. The ceremony may be held outdoors or in a cleaned-out barn, and extra decorations may be used such as baskets of gourds and fruits and strings of white lights. Gourds, pumpkins, apples, and more can double as decorations and as edible gifts for wedding guests, making them a fine choice indeed at a rustic wedding destination.

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