Tips For Wedding Planning Here In The United States


Planning a wedding – and having one – is an incredibly common occurrence here in the United States. After all, nearly two and half million weddings are held over the course of just one year in this one country alone, meaning that nearly 45,000 weddings occur each and every weekend, no matter what time of year. But there is no doubt about it that a good deal of planning goes into the typical wedding, sometimes for a number of years before the wedding is actually held.

First, of course, the soon to be married couple will need to decide on a budget. The average wedding now costs more than $35,000, which is often quite out of range and out of reach for young people looking to get married here in the United States, particularly in parts of the country where the cost of living is high. However, help from parents and other family members can help to make ends meet and create the perfect wedding experience. And while this won’t be the case for every couple that’s soon to be married, proper budgeting and cutting costs where possible can keep the final total far beneath the national average as well.

For instance, the number of guests that are invited to the wedding will very much determine the cost. Smaller weddings, for example, need smaller venues and have less people for which to pay for food for. The average wedding will have around 136 guests in total, but some people choose to go much smaller to keep costs as low as possible – and with the payoff of a very personal and intimate wedding ceremony and reception. It’s also possible to have the ceremony in the near future and put off having the reception until more money can be saved, giving the best of both worlds to any couple that’s looking to actually get married sooner rather than later.

Renting services instead of buying them can also be incredibly helpful for saving money. Using ivory tableware, for instance, is a popular choice, as ivory tableware is classic and never looks outdated but is always elegant at the same time. However, buying enough ivory tableware to meet the needs of all of your guests and the wedding party to boot would mean buying a lot of ivory tableware at a likely quite high price – ivory tableware that you most likely wouldn’t know what to do with once the wedding was over.

Renting ivory tableware and other wedding supplies can help to reduce these costs dramatically, as renting ivory tableware instead of buying this ivory tableware in question is the much more cost effective option by a long shot. Aside from ivory tableware, everything from wedding cutlery to tablecloths to decorations can also be rented. Even the tuxes that the groom and his party wear can also often be rented, a must for any men in the bridal party who would struggle to pay the entire cost of a tux that they’d likely only wear once or a scant few times after the wedding in question.

And instead of renting ivory tableware, using disposable wedding dinner plates is also an option, one that can save costs with the added benefit of making the clean up process all the easier for everyone involved. Fancy plastic tableware is more common than the average person might thing, and metallic gold plastic cutlery is more high quality than many even realize. Wedding party supplies can be primarily disposable, from wedding paper plates bought in bulk to fancy plastic cups for the wedding guests and the wedding party to toast champagne out of.

However, it’s critical to have enough plates and cups and cutlery when disposable options are used. In the case of napkins, for example, it’s ideal to have at least four napkins for every guest – and some extras to boot. In addition to this, each guest should be allotted as many as three cups, and three plastic or paper plates should be available as well. This will be especially relevant when the food is served buffet style and getting seconds is an option.

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