Follow These 3 Tips While Storing Your Artwork


There’s nothing quite like creating a piece of art that you’re proud of. However, you might find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to store this piece of art away for a while. Considering that, it’s important to understand how to accomplish this goal. With that in mind, here are three tips for storing art in a safe manner.

  1. Avoid Storing Art Near Concrete

    It’s understandable to assume that concrete is a sturdy material that won’t cause damage to your artwork. While concrete is certainly durable, it’s not a great material to place artwork near. In certain situations, art stored near concrete can absorb dampness. If this happens, it’s likely to damage your art. If possible, it’s best to avoid concrete rooms when it’s time to put your artwork away.
  2. Use Glassine Sheets

    If you’re wanting to keep artwork in pristine condition, you’ll need to use glassine sheets. Glassine is a material that is acid free. This is important a paper’s pH is the most important factor influencing strength loss and color deterioration. In addition, research shows that acid free paper is able to last up to 200 years under normal conditions. Glassine sheets are also resistant to both moisture and grease. This material is often used by restaurant owners for food presentation purposes. However, it’s primarily known as a material that’s great for preserving art in a safe manner. You might have also heard about using cardstock paper for this purpose. While this paper is also acid free, it often works best as an insert for binder sleeves.
  3. Store Artwork at Cooler Temperatures

    It’s also important to store your art at lower temperatures. This is because cooler temperatures delay chemical decay rates. In addition, these temperatures also reduce the amount of potential insect activity. Generally speaking, it’s best to store important items at temperatures below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

In closing, there are several important tips to follow before you store any of your art. If you’re able to follow these tips, it helps to ensure that your wonderful pieces of art remain safe. Don’t worry about trying to find sheets of glassine interleaving paper. You’ll find that this material is available online and is quite inexpensive. You work hard to create amazing pieces of art. Considering that, you’ll want to follow the previously mentioned tips to avoid dealing with the heartbreak of damaged art.

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