A Delicious And Classy Beverage For The Ages Choosing The Best Red Wine For The Holiday Season


What sets wine apart from the rest of the bunch?

It’s certainly a question best left to a wine enthusiast. The history of wine is a long and storied one, as fascinating as it is complicated, and learning how to step into its wide world properly means appreciating what came before. Red wine online shopping is picking up thanks to the holiday season, with new drinkers and seasoned drinkers alike looking for the next best thing to stock their stores with. Should you find yourself wanting a more sophisticated alcoholic beverage to celebrate the holidays with, take a look below.

You may just discover a new favorite drink.

The History Of Wine Around The World

Where did wine come from and how did it become one of humanity’s most beloved creations? According to historians wine was discovered over 6,000 years ago in the Middle East, somewhat different than the versions we know and love today. Decades ago historians suggested grapes were possibly mixed with different forms of rice throughout Asia, a technique likely sought out for the finish as well as the flavor. Wine would later spread thanks to complex trade routes and an ever-growing demand for a strong drink.

How Wine Became So Popular Today

Alcohol takes on many different forms. It can be a cheap six-pack of beer brought for a party and it can be a refined, rare wine many decades in the making. American wine sales are expected to see a boost of 10% by the time 2020 arrives, cementing it as one of the most popular alcoholic beverages by far. Recent statistics found nearly 950 million gallons of wine being consumed back in 2016. Total alcoholic beverage sales hit an all-time high at $220 billion.

Americans’ Favorite Types Of Wine

You’ll figure this out in no time when looking up red wine online shopping…Americans are passionate about their alcohol. Wine, in particular, has a unique and much beloved culture that transcends drinking and goes to interior decorating, party culture, and even fashion. A recent poll determined red wine to be the top choice with American wine lovers at nearly 40%, followed close behind by rare white wine at 30%. Another Harris poll determined women usually choose wine over beer at 45%.

Interesting Facts About Wine

Curious to know more about French red wines? Not only is wine delicious and a great accompaniment to a hearty dinner, research has shown drinking two glasses of wine a day closely linked to a 20% drop in a person’s risk of an early death. This is due to lowering stress levels and improving cardiovascular health, that of which is one of the leading causes of American health issues today. California is the leading state in wine production, to boot, accounting for over 90% of all American wine creation.

The Best Wine To Buy Online

Red wines make for a wonderful stocking stuffer or a gift all their own. If you want to buy Barolo wine you’re best browsing the vast online stock for a specific treat that won’t soon be forgotten. The lovely and playful ‘Pleasant Peasant’ is 100% Carignan, crafted from vines planted in the early 1900’s. You can also get sparkling wine online if you’re wondering how you can add more life to an upcoming winter party. Wine, at the end of the day, is a delectable and relaxing addition to our wearisome lives.

Winter gifts aren’t hard to choose at all. Look into red wine online shopping to put a twinkle in someone’s eye this year.

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