5 Popular Ways for Customers to Consume Cannabis


Updated 9/27/2021

Public opinion on marijuana is changing at a fast pace. While marijuana used to be looked down upon, research has shown that this plant has many benefits. In fact, a 2017 Pew Research Center survey found that almost 61% of Americans felt that marijuana usage should be legalized. Throughout the United States, many states have either legalized marijuana for either medicinal or recreational purposes.

Research has proven that the plant has various benefits. Cannabis can be used for medicinal or recreational purposes. For instance, cancer, arthritis, chronic back pain, and migraines patients can use cannabis to manage pain. However, visit a cannabis dispensary to learn more about marijuana’s medicinal value.

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There are various ways a person can consume cannabis apart from smoking. The commonly used way is taking edible treats, which include chocolates and candies. The manufacturers infuse the treats with marijuana. However, it’s best for manufacturers to inform the customers of the amount of THC in products because cannabis and the brain work hand in hand for relaxation purposes. Most customers prefer to take marijuana chewing gum because it has low calories, and it’s also a discreet option. Other marijuana users take cannabis-infused tea.

If you want more information on taking and getting a cannabis cultivation license, check on official dispensary and cannabis sites. The internet has many educational cannabis articles you can read.

You don’t have to smoke this plant to receive its positive effects. Considering that, here are five popular ways to offer customers marijuana without them having to smoke it.

    • Edible Treats

      There is a wide range of companies offering edible treats infused with marijuana. Most of these items are based on sweet treats including hard candies, chocolates, and other delicious edibles. While creating bag labels for your edible products, make sure customers know how much THC is in each serving. Edibles are not treats that should be taken lightly. If a consumer is unaware of how much THC they’re consuming, it’s not going to result in a relaxing experience.

    • Cannabis Infused Coffee

      Certain individuals enjoy types of marijuana that offers energizing effects. Considering that, coffee infused with cannabis is quickly becoming a bestseller at dispensaries across the United States. There are even certain coffee brands offering cannabis infused coffee pods that easily fit into Keurig machines. If you’re creating your own cannabis infused coffee, it’s wise to utilize informative packaging designs. You’ll want your packages to include information about both the coffee and the THC content per serving.

    • Chewing Gum

      Research gathered from the 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Survey found that 66% of consumers have purchased a new product because the packaging was eye catching. If you’re looking to create something that will catch customer’s eyes, consider selling THC infused gum. This allows customers to have a low calorie way to receive their medication. In addition, this is also a discreet option for those who don’t want to draw attention while consuming cannabis.

    • Teas
    • Many dispensaries utilize custom cannabis packaging for their THC infused teas. Cannabis infused teas offer a way for someone to consume THC without the energy boost that comes from coffee. Many people report that drinking cannabis infused tea allows them to feel relaxed. Make sure that your dispensary’s tea packaging is interesting. Research shows that companies paying close attention to packaging report a 30% increase in overall consumer interest.

    • Tinctures

      If you’re wanting to offer customers a classic way to enjoy cannabis, consider creating tinctures. You’ll find that tinctures are usually made with a combination of marijuana and alcohol. Considering the potency of cannabis tincture, your dispensary’s packaging should include accurate dosing information. In addition, you’ll want to include a dropper in this product which allows customers to easily control how much tincture they’re consuming.

To summarize, there are many ways for your customer to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke it. If you’re needing packages for these products, it’s wise to partner with a company that creates custom cannabis packaging. These companies offer more than standard medical marijuana bags. In addition to cannabis bags, they can help you create packages for a wide range of THC infused products. Getting in touch with a custom cannabis packaging company will help ensure your dispensary remains profitable.

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