Methods to establishing a experiential marketing event


Are you looking to start your own photo booth business?
Or do you want to start your owning a photo booth rental business?
“No one buys photos anymore.” is what most would say.
Everyone has a cell phone in today’s age, which means you can take pictures to heart’s content, save them in your phone, and show them to everyone later.
More than 240 billion photos have been uploaded on Facebook.
Everyone from your friends to your family can see everything you have been doing in your life.
Contrary to popular belief, photo booths can still be prevalent, even I this day in age.
As a matter of fact, the youth has really gravitated toward photo booths.
“These photo booths seats are designed for people to get physically closer.
I think that brings excitement for the younger people, and for the older generation, it brings back great memories,” said Maxim Sverdlov in a Forbes interview.
Many people still rent photo booths online.
According to Forbes, they are more sought out online than wedding DJ’s for weddings.
There are plenty of methods to make photo booths into a profitable experiential marketing event.
It will take time due to finding a market to cater to.
Target Audience
Targeting a certain demographic is the best method to bring in revenue.
It doesn’t matter how dire the business may get, the core demographic will make up for the slump.
The younger generation has seemed to take a liking to photo booths.
The ages may range from 13 to 25, so it’s best to design the booths into something that interest them.
For this generation, it’s best to start out with an Ipad photo booth.
They will be familiar with how to utilize an Ipad, so it won’t take long for them to learn how to use it.
In might be wise to set up on Ipad booth for an experiential marketing event, just to test the waters.
And if you want an older demographic, that’s still plausible.
You can rent out your photo booth at weddings.
Eventually, when the business is starting to gain some recognition, other companies may want to merge.
For example, Marvel may want to merge with your photo booth company.
Teenage boys love the Marvel franchise.
They would enjoy having filters of their favorite superheroes.
Marvel was already aware that teenage boys like your photo booth business, now they want to expand to that market.
These companies are also known as experiential marketing agencies.
They would also be considered as an audience for the photo booth.
Their goal would be to establish an experiential marketing event in various locations, such as a theme park.
These companies may have more connections than you do, so it does benefit you.
This may take some to happen, but it’s a good idea to start with.
Since the target audience is millennials, why not install them at locations in areas where they are prone to roam?
Movie theaters, malls, and theme parks are a few suggestions for an experiential marketing event.
Friends enjoy commemorating moments.
After seeing a movie, they can walk into a booth and take the picture.
Its true, their phone is capable of that as well.
However, they will attain a hard copy of the photos a lot quicker versus using their phone.
After taking a picture, at the movie theatre, with their smartphone, they have to either go home to print out the photo or visit an office store.
It’s more expensive if they were at an office store though most children and young adults do n’t have much money.
Moreover, the majority of children don’t have jobs, so they’re not going to spend money at an office supply store for a measly group photo.
They will, however, spend that money at a photo booth.
It will be slightly cheaper and time efficient.
It’s tough but its worth it.
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