5 Benefits of Coffee Breaks for Employees


Coffee plays a big role in society among individuals, but it can play an even bigger part in the office. A coffee break for employees hold many benefits for the office and the employees. Almost half of all workers admit that coffee helps keep them focused and productive throughout the day. With that being said it is important to realize the importance of not only coffee in the office, but also the break that should accompany coffee. Read below to see some of the benefits of providing coffee breaks at the office for employees.

An Ideal Coffee Break

Sometimes what is called a “break” during the day is far from that. Stepping away to catch up on missed phone calls, or running errands doesn’t necessarily constitute a “break.” An actual coffee break consists of removing yourself from your work station. Stepping away from everything that is calling your name. Meeting in a neutral location free of technology and phones. This quiet atmosphere allows the mind to energize and the coffee coupled with the break leaves employees feeling great and refreshed after this break. They then find themselves ready to return to their desk, rather than dragging themselves to it to churn out a few more hours of work.


Lets face it when a good cup of coffee is smelt and others gather around to enjoy the goodness and flavor it brings people together. This can be beneficial in an office setting. When members of the same team gather around to sip coffee they socialize, and being at work that socializing could revolve around work, deadlines and projects that need to tended to. This means creativity gets rolling, ideas are discussed and shared and they could walk away with a new way of thinking about the entire process.


Drinking coffee has been shown to be great for your brain and memory. Did you know that studies actually reveal that words and phrases are identified faster after 200 mg of caffeine has been been ingested. Coffee also helps to improve your short term memory. Problem solving abilities are sharper when you drink coffee. It only makes sense that coffee helps employees be more productive and have an easier time doing so.


It may not seem like the movement done during a coffee break at the office is beneficial, but for someone who sits in front of a computer for eight hours straight, it is a huge benefit. Going to a break room to gather with others for coffee breaks gives employees a chance to get up and move around. Sometimes while sipping coffee, employees will move about the room and mingle and talk rather than sit. This can be extremely refreshing to those who feel stuck behind a computer screen all day long.

Type of Coffee

The type of coffee is as important as the break. You want to make sure to provide some type that all the employees will drink. Custom coffee bags can offer different types of coffee for different individuals. The coffee bag design can help employees differentiate between coffees. You can find coffee bags for sale to refill, or search for coffee bags bulk orders that you can place and choose the coffee packaging design on each bag so employees can tell the difference. Flavored and unflavored, decaffeinated, strong dark robust flavors and smooth mellow flavors are a few options that you can let employees choose from.

Just like custom candy bags carry different types of candy, custom coffee bags can store different types of coffee for an entire office. The packaging on custom candy bags clearly labels the contents and coffee bags can be made to do the same thing. If candy can come in custom candy bags, then why can’t adults have their coffee in a custom bag. Similar to custom candy bags, coffee can be kept in these bags and resealed when not in use. Keep this in mind when choosing how to order coffee for the office to ensure that all employees reap the benefits, states above, of regular coffee breaks.

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