Are Getting Your Plans Ready for a Large Outdoor Event?


This end of summer party was like no other.
As you prepared to say good bye to the summer of 2017, you decided to host one last big event. Renting the backyard party tentparty tent, selecting the decorations, and planning the food were important parts of the organization for the event, put the real highlight was the Solar Eclipse. With a backyard with rooms for lots of people, the fact that your house was in the line of totality meant that you would have a terrific chance to not only send off your son as he left for college, but a way to welcome and entertain your friends one more time this summer.
Your wife loves all of the activity that is involved in planning a big party, and she was the person who attended to most of the details. She was able to get the backyard party tent reserved early so that you still had first pick from the local selection. She had nearly 100 extra chairs on hold in case the RSVP list was even bigger than you expected. She was even able to make sure that she had the food cart vendors show up with plenty of food for the big crowd that you expected.
Fortunately, the weather cooperated and the viewing was a huge success. Neighbors and their children, relatives from both near and far, and even some friends from work decided to make your backyard their destination for Solar Eclipse 2017.
Are You Getting Ready to Rent a Backyard Party Tent for a Work Even or Wedding?
A solar eclipse that crosses the U.S. from coast to coast may only be a once in a lifetime event, but plenty of people have reason to pull out all of the stops and rent a backyard party tent when they are hosting an outdoor event. From hosting a relaxing event like a wine testing to looking for the perfect wedding tent rentals, making sure that your guests have a location away from the elements is often the best starting point. Once the tent choice has been made, for instance, then you can concentrate on the details of making sure that you have enough chairs and linens rented before moving on to the tasty details of planning the food.
Consider some of these facts and figures about party rental industry and the different ways that it is used in this country:

    • Ready or not, that wedding you are planning for is just around the corner. Make sure that you have all the rental reservations made.
    • Estimates indicate that the average number of wedding guests is 136 people, according to the Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study.
    • A backyard corporate event is an informal ways to celebrate the end of a successful sales season.
    • Dealing with changing weather during an outdoor event is the reason that most people rent backyard party tents.
    • You can hold out hope that the weather will cooperate, but it is a far better idea to have plans in place in case the worst weather occurs.
    • Tents comes in two basic kinds: frame tents, which also include clearsapn tents, and pole tents, which also include tensile tents.
    • One typr of arrangement for seating guests is cathedral seating which when being used provides of rows of chairs, allowing six square feet for every person.
  • Planning for an aisle and a speaker area requires allowing for eight square feet per person. If the party needs to allow for cocktail service, on the other hand, planners should allow five to six square feet per person.
  • A wedding rehearsal is the chance to let your family, workers, and relatives get to know each other. Planning enough seating space for everyone is a key to making sure that the mingling happens.
  • Rain and winds are less of a problem if you have a tent.
  • The decision to rent a tent is often the best choice.
  • You get to be in control of how your next big event goes. You want to exercise that control, however, in all of the planning stages of the event, so that you can enjoy the party once it begins.

Every time you have a reason to get READY TO PARTY, you have plenty of details to attend to, the first of which might be planning to rent a outdoor tent.

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