How To Choose The Right Tent For Your Next Outdoor Event


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Now that spring is here, you’ve probably begun planning (or at least thinking about) your upcoming outdoor events. Whether it’s a backyard wedding or a high school graduation party, there are a lot of details that need to be taken care of as the host. One of the main items on your checklist is most likely renting a tent because you have to be prepared for any kind of weather, rain or shine.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the options available to you when it comes to tent rentals or just aren’t sure what features you need, check out our list below of everything you should keep in mind when renting a tent for outdoor events.

What size tent do you need?

The size of your tent isn’t just going to be affected by the number of people attending your event, but the number of chairs and tables you’ll need. The size of wedding tents for rent is especially affected by this. If you’re hosting an event in which someone is going to be speaking, you’ll want to allow for five to six square feet per chair. If people are going to sit down and eat, allow for 12 square feet per round table, and 10 square feet per rectangular table. This will ensure everyone’s comfort, as well as allowing for a certain amount of maneuvering.

What type of tent is best?

When it comes to party rentals, there are two main types of tents: frame tents (including clearsapn tents) and pole tents (including tensile tents). The type of tent that you choose is dependent on what kind of event you’re having, where you’re having said event, and the weather conditions surrounding that event. If you’re looking for wedding tents for rent, you will probably be served well by either one of these types of tents. But when in doubt, you should take the advice of the party rental company you’re working with. They are the experts, after all!

What kind of tent material should you get?

Do you want your tent to seem structured or billowing? Transparent, or opaque? These details will be affected by the type of tent material you choose. Wedding tents for rent are usually white — although this isn’t always the case. Some like the idea of a dramatic, transparent tent and the general gracefulness that it implies. But with that being said, a transparent tent does have its drawbacks, namely in that it can take away from the privacy of your wedding. If you’re looking to have a completely private event, you may want to choose a heavier material. Of course, there needs to be balance with heavier materials as well — the heavier the tent material, the more risk you have of there being an issue or even a collapse. This is why it’s so important to work with a party rental company that you trust.

What surface will the tent be sitting on?

You might not consider this when first planning your event — but it actually affects the type of tent that you choose, its size, and a number of other factors. Some choose to rent out floors for their tents. This is especially popular for those considering wedding tents for rent, as a floor might better accommodate the dances associated with weddings. With that being said, not all outdoor events require temporary flooring, and some choose to do without for their events. Either way, a tent needs to be on stable ground. If the tent is pitched on a surface that is wet or crumbling, there’s more of a risk with issues with the tent. However, certain extremely dry areas are also less than stable. You should consult with the company you’re renting your tent from about where you plan on having your event, and whether or not it’s truly as safe as it should be. No event is worth risking people’s safety.

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