Why You Should Put Your Kids, Even Your Boys, In Dance


Ballroom dancing lessons

We all want the best for our sons and our daughters. We hope they are creative, athletic, smart and charismatic. Did you know that there is an activity that you can get your kid engaged to help them foster all of these qualities at once? And that its equally valuable for little girls and little boys? Dance classes for kids inspire confidence and skill. If you are looking for an activity to add to your child’s repertoire, dance is a great choice.
The first and most obvious plus is that dance classes help keep kids active. Anything from ballroom dancing lessons to hip hop can help your child maintain a healthy weight and ward off depression and/or anxiety. Dance is a cardiovascular form of movement and is great for every part of your child.
However, a dance studio isn’t just a child’s gym. It’s also their art studio. Dance classes for kids team them team work, collaboration, invention and creativity. There are more than 8,400 dance studios in the United States and each can grow an artist within your child- or, at the very least, an appreciation for art.
The last and perhaps best reason to get your son or daughter into dance class is the social experience it provides. Young people gain confidence and build long, strong friendships. Plus, imagine how much better they’ll be at their wedding dance when they grow up? A child who grows up in dance is very marketable in the future.
Dance isn’t inherently appropriate for anyone. Dance is a body moving to a beat. It can be masculine, feminine, conservative, racy. Like any art, it can take a million forms depending on the subject. By putting your child in dance, you can help them explore all the parts of themselves on the stage. Children in dance know themselves and emanate that confidence.

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