The Three Best Ways Online Video Content Can Help Your Company's SEO Campaign


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Using video for SEO is becoming one of the most effective ways to market your company on the web. Your advertising and marketing videos can help your website jump to the top of Google’s search results — in fact, video-based search results appear in about 70% of Google’s 100 most popular searches.

There are virtually endless benefits that come with incorporating video for SEO into your company’s online marketing strategy — and this article will educate you on just a few of them.

Here are the top three reasons why your company should use video for SEO:

1. Video for SEO is more effective than text-based SEO: Both web users and search engines prefer video content to simple text content. In fact, experts say that one minute of video has about the same impact as 1.8 million words! About 80% of Internet users say they can also recall watching a video ad online in the past 30 days — because users genuinely like watching video for SEO to get more informed about new products.

2. Video for SEO leads to purchases: As it was hinted at before, Internet users often turn to digital video productions and video marketing content to get more educated about the latest products from companies. 1 in 2 consumers report that a YouTube video has influenced their purchasing decisions, and about 57% of consumers say web video productions have increased their confidence about a purchase.

3. Video for SEO is memorable: Users will remember a video they watched much easier than a text post they read. An astounding 80% of users say they remember the videos they have watched online. Video for SEO is thus a great way to create recognition and awareness of your brand in customers’ consciousnesses. Get more here.

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