Three High Quality Pieces of Native American Art


American indian art

Did you know that most Native American artwork is made for specific purposes? For example, Native Americans use every part of a crop or animal in artwork out of respect to the earth around them. As a result, countless types of Native American arts and crafts have become available, and each one is beneficial in its own way.
1. Decorated animal skulls. While this may seem morbid to some, there are actually several rational reasons why Native Americans decorate animal skulls. Native Americans hunt a variety of different animals, such as turkey, rabbit, elk, geese, and buffalo, and since they tend to use all parts of an animal out of respect, they cannot let the skulls of these animals go to waste. This is why Native Americans respectfully decorate all types of animal skulls, such as buffalo skulls, with bead work, intricate carvings, and quill work.
2. Pottery. These types of Native American crafts serve two purposes. On one hand, this high quality fired pottery is used as a decoration, and on the other hand, this pottery has a functional use. Since Native American pottery is multipurpose and versatile, it is a substantial piece of artwork to obtain.
3. Weapons. Native Americans are known for their superior weaponry. High quality bows, arrows, and spears, for example, are all common Native American weapons. Although these types of weapons were traditionally used for hunting food, they are now most commonly used as symbolic and quaint decorations.
There are many different Native American arts and crafts available. Pottery, weaponry, and decorated animal skulls, such as buffalo skulls, for example, are all beneficial in their own ways. Since Native Americans are known for the quality crafts they produce, you cannot go wrong with decorating your home with Native American art. Find out more about this topic here.

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