How to Buy a Good Guitar Case


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Guitarists who truly love their instruments aren’t going to leave their house without first properly protecting their instruments with a good case. Guitars are expensive after all, and they have to protect their investment from getting damaged. The trouble many beginning musicians have with guitar cases is finding the right one. Online music stores have an overwhelming amount different sizes, shapes, and kinds of guitar cases.

Though these online guitar shops sometimes make purchasing guitar cases seem complicated, it’s actually fairly simple. Here are the two main choices of guitar cases that beginning musicians have.

Gig Bags.

Gig bags are sometimes referred to as soft-shell guitar cases because they’re made of a lightweight, softer material, like nylon. These are an affordable option for any musician who just needs to take their guitar to a friend’s house or to their lesson, but the padding doesn’t offer too much protection. If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive to transport your instrument, a gig bag is perfect.


Hard-shells are better than gig bags for a number reasons. First of all, they offer more protection. Hard-shell guitar cases are made out of a dense, durable plastic on the outside that can take a real beating, while the inside is lined with a softer, plush material that can comfortably seat the instrument. Secondly, hard-shell guitar cases usually have more room for extraneous sound equipment, like guitar tuners, picks, slides, capos, and cords.

Once you’ve determined which type of case you want, get your guitar’s measurements. Rather than measuring it yourself though, it’s usually easier to just pull up its specs online. Compare those with the dimensions of whichever case you have your eye on. If it’s a bit close, choose one that’s bigger, since an ill-fitting case can actually damage your instrument instead of protecting it.

If you have any questions about how to buy a case, feel free to ask in the comments. Visit here for more.

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